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We understand the desire to have a thriving spiritual, work and personal life, and we have come to discover that the journey is richer when it is shared by a supportive community. That's why we envision a place where no one walks alone.

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a podcast

The Cubicles & Christ podcast is available on all major podcast platforms. New episodes are released twice a month and feature a variety of topics and testimonials. The conversation is always authentic, practical and grounded in Scripture. Subscribe today and share your comments and feedback!

a community

Our free online community provides devotionals and Biblical inspiration in a warm and supportive environment. No one is perfect here but we are here for each other. Our community is a forum for discussion and encouragement to support our spiritual, emotional, physical and financial growth.

a movement

Our goal is to provide resources and information that help women grow spiritually and become the bold, fearless leaders God called us to be. We want to make a positive impact in our families, communities and churches and invite others to join us on this journey. 

Life is hard enough. Don't do it alone.

meet our founder

After working in Corporate America for more than 20 years, Kelley Johnson launched a consulting, leadership development and executive coaching firm. It was during the transition to business ownership that she quickly realized that despite being a Christian most of her life, she was unsure how to integrate her faith into her professional life.

She embarked on a quest to understand what Scripture says about work and purpose. Invigorated and challenged by what she learned, Kelley soon felt the nudge to share the message with others. 

Initially "just a podcast," Cubicles & Christ quickly grew into an online community and more as listeners enthusiastically resonated with the practical, inspirational and authentic message of Cubicles & Christ.

Kelley is driven by a passion to help encourage and equip women who want to make a positive impact, walk in their purpose and live a life that honors Christ. Author of EMERGE! Rise Up, Be Fearless, Take Possession of Your Purpose, Kelley continues to run her consulting and coaching practice, while exploring new ways to support the spiritual leadership and growth of others.

She lives in the Dallas, Texas area with her husband and two children.


where no woman walks alone